Elizabeth Barrette (ysabetwordsmith) wrote,
Elizabeth Barrette

Ebony Tresses

 A previous discussion about the challenges of African-American hair among dancers has been followed up with gorgeous photos of black women showing off their hair.  Hair like a lion's mane.  Hair that looks like it's flowing underwater.  Hair of spirals.  Hair like short fine wool.  All different, all beautiful.

How could a choreographer look at that and not want to play with it?  I'm not all so much of a dancer, and it's bellydance more than anything else -- but that's enough to make me think of having the dancers leap and dip to set the spirals bouncing, or braiding the hair with long rows of clicking golden beads, or putting one of the girls with mermaid hair into one of the myths about Oshun or Yemaya because French-African culture blends can be awesome.

Bah.  Maybe I should just write a poem.
Tags: entertainment, ethnic studies, networking, photography
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