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Poetry Fishbowl Update

Yesterday's Poetry Fishbowl was hindered by LiveJournal's erratic behavior.  However, some prompts came through and I did write a bunch of cool poems.

Current donations: $80.50
Amount needed for $150 goal: $69.50
Amount in general fund: $20
Poems posted: 4 (plus 3 new verses in "Paper, Scissors, Stone")

The four poems posted include 2 freebies, since there was a new prompter.  If donations reach the $150 target, you'll get a free addition to a poetic series. 

I'll keep on top of this as best I can, but today I owe my_partner_doug some help with a batch of character glasses.  So I'll be offline for part of the day.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, personal, poetry, reading, writing

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