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Poem: "Science on the Chopping Block"

Here is today's first freebie.  kelkyag pointed me to "The Joy of Cooking" by Janet Chui.  The picture got me thinking about the early history of science, how mad scientists can be totally impractical ... but not everyone in the household is necessarily the same way.

Science on the Chopping Block

Ever since there has been science,
some of the scientists have been mad.
There have always been men
who preferred working over a lab bench than a cobbler's bench,
who would rather drink silvered moonshine than water,
who could remember to write down lab notes but not a grocery list.

Then, too, there have always been women
who toiled in the kitchen by day
and snuck into the lab by night,
who made copper stretch farther than it should
until the lead-into-gold thing might work out ...

who occasionally got fed up with this experiment or that
and shoved the whole squiggling mass into a cookpot
and explained it away as
"There was a sale on calamari at market."

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