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April 1 Weblit Swap: A Monster House Poem by Aldersprig

The April 1 Weblit Swap has a masterlist posted now.  I wrote poems for Addergoole and Philosopher in Arms (which doesn't seem to be listed).

aldersprig wrote this charming "Monster House" poem for me, which is somewhat inspired by the triolet form.  I am particularly amused by the combination of critters, which span some of my favorite cultures.  Happy birthday to me!

Somehow, the strange never seems to grow stale 
when we grow complacent, the world twists again 
We worked'round our roommates & read old folktales, 
But boggarts and gremlins were still not quite stale. 
Melly was out and the gremlin asleep 
When I walked out the door and straight into... me 
You'd think that the weird would have long-since grown stale 
but the Domovoi in the parlor twisted our world 'round again.

Tags: fantasy, holiday, networking, poem, poetry, reading, writing

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