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Stop Yahoo from Closing MyBlogLog

Here's an example of a company taking over a useful service, mining it for information, and deciding to throw away the remains -- never mind that other people still want the service and put a lot of time into making it useful in the first place.  American doesn't care about consumers or users.  They are largely treated as fodder for the parasite companies.  This is not ethical behavior.  It also isn't sustainable.  It's very wasteful of resources.

In this case, there is an alternative.  BlogCatalog is willing to take over the MyBlogLog site and any expenses involved in restoring it or salvaging people's data for possible use on other blog networking sites.  I would like to see this happen because I have an account and followers there.  I'd like for those people to be able to keep following what I write.

Stop Yahoo from closing MyBlogLog.
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