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Spring Flower Photos

I've been taking photographs of spring flowers here at Fieldhaven.  Also the trees, bushes, and wildflowers are leafing out.  Larger versions of these photos appear in a LiveJournal gallery.

The Goddess Garden at the northeast corner of the house has tiny snow crocus.  These are yellow with some bronze striping.

These purple giant crocus were blooming in the parking lot flowerbed last week.

The daffodils are starting to bloom in the flowerbed under the old gas tank.

Various trees and shrubs are leafing out.  This wild cherry sprig shows its natural colors of red and bronze before the chlorophyll covers them up.

The wildflower garden is sprouting too.  This looks like echinacea or maybe aster.

Here is a long, wide view of the prairie garden in late March.  You can see the grass just starting to turn green.

Sponsor More Photos
In addition to what I've posted here, I have dozens of other photos, including:

* Close and medium views of crocus flowers in other colors, including purple-and-white stripes
* Dead crocus flowers
* Close and medium views of daffodils in yellow or yellow-and-white
* Close and medium views of various flower leaves sprouting (poppy, daylily, naked ladies, wild strawberries, etc.)
* Closeups of leafy buds (lilac, honeysuckle, contorta willow, etc.)
* A few closeups of the first forsythia flowers

Several artists have posted samples of their sketch pages, with more sketches being available if people want to sponsor some.  I'm trying something similar with photography.  So if you want to see more, $1 will get you two extra photos.  (You can use the PayPal button on my profile page, or contact me for other options such as postal mail.)  Your choice of 1/4 size like these, or full-size; I'll try to remember to put them behind a cut.  Doug's camera seems to be shooting at 1600x1200, and I usually reduce the size to 400x300.
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