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Artificial Colors in Foods

... can make people hyperactive or cause other problems.  This is not actually new information; studies on the topic date back several decades.  I am, however, happy to see a move away from artificial colors and toward natural ones.

But I wonder what the merry heck those manufacturers did to tomato juice to make it turn brown.  We used to can walls of the stuff when I was little.  It was, well, tomato-colored, a bright red-orange color.  Our grape juice was as purple as a crayon.  Our apricot halves were a bold yellow-orange.  Grandma's crabapple jelly was sort of a loud pinkish-peach.  I don't recall ever seeing anything we canned turn an unappetizing dull color.  The closest would be the applesauce with a kind of sandy tone.

I find obvious food colors to be off-putting.  I like being able to shop for foods that are naturally colorful instead.  You'd be amazed some of the colors food actually comes in ... apples that are red all through, purple potatoes and carrots, etc.  I discovered a new fruit snack that is made mostly from fruit purees and tapioca starch, fruit-colored with things like carrot juice and beet juice.  *chuckle*  And I still remember reading a historic description of dying milk by pouring it through shredded carrots to tint the butter yellow; I think it was in one of the Laurel Ingalls Wilder books.
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