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Steps toward a better world

Declaring that health care is a right, not a privilege, Vermont embarks on single-payer care. And when the sudden but inevitable namecalling started? Gov. Peter Shumlin told people to respect each other's views. I would totally vote for this dude. I would dearly love the chance to do so.

Some activists have decided that mothers deserve a voice in manifesting change.  So, they are providing radical childcare.  This gives mothers and children more opportunity to participate in activism and to form community ties.  Nobody should have to do the world's hardest job alone.  Childcare options are absolutely essential for parents to function as citizens and healthy human beings.  It may come from family, friends, nonprofits, churches, communities, businesses, and/or governments but by gods it had better come from somewhere.  Huzzah for activists putting their hours where their mouths are.

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