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Would you like to read about supporting characters from poetic series?

The tip incentives discussion over on crowdfunding is still generating cool ideas.  Recently kytsune suggested this:

Lottery or vote-with-tip: In the case of stories with compelling and strong characters, giving people a lottery technique so that they can submit the name of a character they'd like to see a canonical side story written about and then using that to choose one (or more) to guide bonus stories might be another suitable reward.
I suspect that this could be adapted for use with serial poetry.  Right now, a majority of the contents in a poetic series come out of the Poetry Fishbowls, which have specific themes.  Occasionally an idea grabs me out of the blue, and I'll write that too.  But I haven't really offered an option for enthusiastic fans to request expansions that go outside the usual fishbowl activities.  Making that a tip incentive has potential; it's something that a lot of people would probably like, and it has less potential for overload than just throwing open the gates.

Thoughts?  Does this sound like something you'd enjoy?  If so, what kind of approach might appeal to you?
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