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Poem: "The Daughters of Befana"

This poem came from the March 1, 2011 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by thesilentpoet, who wanted to see how Fiorenza would handle fairies in her village.  So I looked up Italian fairy lore and found the enticing fate, which seemed like a good match for old Befana and some family mayhem.  This poem was sponsored by marina_bonomi.  The form is an Italian sonnet. To read the other poems about Fiorenza, visit the "Serial Poetry" page on my website.

The Daughters of Befana

Three fate  came when summertime was high --
One red as blood, one green as grass, and one
As blue as sky around the shining sun --
With hennin  hats to catch a young man's eye.
They bathed themselves in rivers, scarely shy;
They caught the priest's young cousin, and the son
Of miller-up-the-hill, and then they won
The brewer's brother's hand (and roving eye).

When Fiorenza heard what they had wrought,
She laughed and named the vices of the men.
The fate  wept and begged to be sent home.
Befana made them throw back what they'd caught,
And would not let them from her sight again,
So all the elf-struck lads were freed to roam.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, fantasy, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, writing
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