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2011 Rose & Bay Awards update on voting

The Rose & Bay Awards honor excellence in cyberfunded creativity.  If you're new to this project, please read more on the 2011 landing page.

Today is the LAST DAY of voting in all categories, except for Fiction which will be closing its primary and opening its runoff poll soon.  All voting polls are open and showing activity:
Art: 60 voters
Fiction: 274 voters
Poetry: 25 voters
Webcomic: 249 voters
Other Project: 62 voters
Patron: 28 voters

2011 Nominee badges are available for all six categories, thanks to [info]karen_wehrstein.

Please continue to promote the 2011 Rose & Bay Awards.  Remind people that today is the end of the main voting period.  Make sure you drop by crowdfunding later this week to vote in the Fiction runoff poll.  We appreciate all the signal boosts and votes so far!</span>
Tags: awards, cyberfunded creativity

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