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Crowdfunded Documentary: "The Sunrise People"

I'm a big fan of nonfiction crowdfunding, especially news -- it's a terrific way to get around the corporate-owned media.  Check out The Sunrise People over on Kickstarter. 

The Sunrise People is a 30-minute documentary that tells the story of the Atakapa-Ishak through the eyes of the Philippe family. The film tracks Rosina Philippe's exploration of the importance of place with regard to her culture, as well as the devastating effects of the BP oil disaster and the history of oil extraction in the Gulf Coast, which is threatening the environment and the survival of her people and culture.
Sadly I am brokeass broke this week, but I will do what I can by boosting the signal for this project. I remember reading earlier that, of all the people who got shafted by the BP disaster, the tribal people living along the coast got hit extra hard. (The authorities just wanted to run them off their land. Again.) So I would really like to see this documentary explore history-in-action down there. This is what journalism is really all about, or should be.  Please help by pitching in or at least passing the word.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, networking, news, nonfiction, video

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