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The Politics of Reincarnation

This news about China trying to restrict reincarnation is not new, but is still amusing in a graveyard humor sort of way.  I mean, seriously, a bunch of atheists attempting to control a lama who has perfect aim?  They might as well go after a flock of hummingbirds with a muzzle-loader.

I am further amused that the Dalai Lama has added to the possibility of reincarnating outside Tibet, the possibility of reincarnating as a woman.  I sincerely doubt that he would leave and not come back, though, for the simple reason that no fireman walks away from a burning building unless it is to call for another truck.  By this point all the Enlightened Ones must be aware that there's a four-alarm fire of Stupid raging in China.  *chuckle*  Those idiots over there are like to get themselves deluged  in advanced souls if they keep up this nonsense.  China has done some great things over the millennia, and come up with some brilliant ideas.  This?  Is not one of those.
Tags: ethnic studies, news, spirituality

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