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Torn World is spruced up!

ellenmillion has recently done a major overhaul of the main site for Torn World, our science fantasy shared-world project.  *applause*  Here are some highlights...

The "Start Here" material for new readers now appears near the top of the lefthand sidebar.  (If you have been intrigued by my Torn World posts but haven't visited the site yet, seriously: start on that page.  Otherwise you will probably get lost and I'll have to send Fala to scoop you out of the snow...)  Other menu items have also been reorganized in hopes of making them easier to find.  Links have been checked, made more visible, or updated as necessary. 

You might also enjoy the "Take a Tour" page.  It lists all the story tours available that link stories within a single story arc or ones that have something else in common.  There's a tour for the recently added stories about the great fire of Itadesh.

If you're wondering who all the characters are, you can look them up on the "Characters" page.  Each character has an entry with their description, any illustrations, stories in which they appear, etc.  Characters may be adoptable, owned (the owner will be named), or non-adoptable; that information appears at the top.

Can you think of anything that would make the site more user-friendly, more attractive, or otherwise better?  Feedback is welcome!  We can't do everything at once but we will note requests, discuss possibilities, and do our best.
Tags: fantasy, reading, science fiction, torn world

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