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Photography: Ice and Light

Yesterday I went out for a long photo shoot to capture the sun on the ice.  Here are a few highlights.  You can see the full-size versions in my LiveJournal scrapbook.

EDIT 2/4/11: Thanks to xjenavivex you can now see 10 more snow photos.

This picture of an icy leaf backed by out-of-focus sun sparkles is one of my favorites.

A heavy cladding of ice bends this tree into graceful, silvery arcs. 

Glassy ice sheathes a dead weed, giving it the look of gold.  I love this optical illusion.  The weed looks like something out of Deathwater Island.

High overhead, a branch glitters with sunbeams on the ice.  Tiny icicles below the twigs indicate that the cladding is just starting to melt.

Glazed with still more ice, the south hedge leans over a softly sculpted line of snowdrifts.

Sponsor More Photos
In addition to what I've posted here, I have dozens of other photos, including:

* Some sunlit sycamore seed balls, on the tree or on the ground
* Many pictures showing masses of branches or twigs glittering in the sun, various distances
* Smaller bits of branch or twig at medium or close range, showing the ice sheathes against blue sky
* A few longer views of whole or nearly whole trees and/or yard
* Several more images of gilded weeds
* A few long views of snowy fields and drifts
* Several closeups of sparkling snow, shadowed snow, and sculpted drifts
* Close, medium, and long views of a picnic table fringed with icicles

Several artists have posted samples of their sketch pages, with more sketches being available if people want to sponsor some.  I'm trying something similar with photography.  So if you want to see more, $1 will get you two extra photos.  (You can use the PayPal button on my profile page, or contact me for other options such as postal mail.)  Your choice of 1/4 size like these, or full-size; I'll try to remember to put them behind a cut.  Doug's camera seems to be shooting at 1600x1200, and I usually reduce the size to 400x300.</span></span>
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