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Call for Submissions: Lost Woods Books

This call perked my ears today:

Sword & Saga Press has launched an imprint called Lost Woods Books that will specialize in genre fiction books dealing with the environment.

Lost Woods Books
At Lost Woods Books we're dedicated to bringing together the best in environmental fiction with a twist--genre fiction. For years science fiction and fantasy writers have been writing, predicting, recreating, and exploring the environmental world, whether it be on Earth or in an imaginary landscape. Now, we're seeking to bring those voices together in one package.

New! Clamoring Spring
We are currently accepting submissions for the anthology, "Clamoring Spring," a tribute to the legacy of Rachel Carson. As you (hopefully) know, Rachel Carson influenced the modern environmental movement during the 1960s with her groundbreaking book, Silent Spring. She brought to light the dangers of living in a toxic and polluted society. Her work prompted much needed environmental regulations and the removal of DDT from the market. Without her work, our world would probably be even more dire.
Clamoring Spring, seeks to bring together fiction writers, poets, and essayists, to clamor, to share your voices about what the environment means to you. Much the same way The Last Man Anthology showed a broad range of voices on catastrophe and disaster, we're looking to pool together a collection of stories that projects a vision of how our generation regards nature, the environment and the world at large. See below for specific guidelines to submit.

For more information:
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