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Why Paddy's not at work today ...

So you've all heard about the ice storm sheathing central Illinois (and a lot of other places) in solid H2O.  (Thanks for the outage announcement, janetmiles.)  For some reason I was reminded of a favorite Irish song, "Why Paddy's Not at Work Today," which details a series of horrible accidents.  Here, it only took nature deciding to dress up in full-plate mail...

This is the view southwest from our house, shooting downward through one of Doug's office windows.  You can see some trees and the south hedge clad in ice.  Depending on what part of yard you check, the coating is mostly 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.  Some areas have little coating but most have quite a bit.  There are small branches down but so far no trees, and hopefully the ice will melt off before anything shatters.

Here I'm shooting almost level through Doug's other window, looking west.  Those are small branches coated in ice.

Here is a sycamore seed ball next to an icicle.This and the remaining pictures are shot looking eastward over our roof, from a window atop the stairs.

This is a glazed sycamore leaf. 

Most of the time, an ice storm leaves fairly smooth coatings, except for icicles on eaves and such.  This one, for some reason, produced a lot of small icicles everywhere.  Here is a picture of ice fringe on the sycamore tree.

So, that's where went with today's intended poetry fishbowl.  I'll have to reschedule that, probably for Tuesday 8.  The net connection did come back in late afternoon, too late to salvage the planned activities.  (Given previous experience, I suspect that connection may be spitty for the next day or two.)  Instead I've spent most of the day writing fiction, and we watched a movie over supper .
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