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Sample Scrapbooked Poems 1-24-11

Here are some pictures of poems that I have scrapbooked recently.  If you look on my Poetry Fishbowl landing page, you'll find links to other samples and a general description of my scrapbooked poetry option.  (Full-size photos are available in my LJ scrapbook file.)   This is something I can do with my fishbowl poems or other stuff if you want a tangible copy.

"Our Dreams Take Flight" is simply printed on cloud-patterned paper.  Things like this are very cheap and easy to set up, when I can find 8 1/2" x 11" paper that matches a poem's theme.  This is a $5 job.

"Apology to a Daughter Once Removed" is likewise printed directly, this time on paper with a scroll motif.  I love finding paper that will suit a wide range of themes like this.  Another $5 page.

"Crimson History" has a layered effect.  This poem is printed on yellow paper cut with a decorative edge.  That's matted on black cardstock, then overlain on flame-design background paper.  This style is usually $5-10 depending on the paper.

"Vessel of Dreams" is printed on plain white paper with a left-and-top border.  This uses a scrap left from cutting a 12 x 12" page down to 8 1/2 x 11" so it is not something I typically use for commissions -- this was for a gift.  But if you like the style, it's probably in the $5 range.  It looks nice when I happen to have a left-and-right pair that I can put together, as you'll see shortly.

"Log Rhythms" uses the same approach as above, though it's printed on blue paper and has a right-and-top border.  $5 again.

Here you can see "Vessel of Dreams" and "Log Rhythms" as they would appear in a two-page spread for a scrapbook.  This kind of pairing can also be displayed in a clamshell picture frame or a pair of matching frames on a wall.

"The Plowshare Sword" is another layered piece.  It's printed on ivory paper cut with a decorative edge.  That's matted on brown, then overlain on a farm-printed background.  Notice that it's offset slightly to the left; that gives the best view of the background picture.  This style is usually $5-10.

"Keys" is layered similarly.  It's printed on green paper cut with a decorative edge.  The mat is bright green, overlain on very fancy jungle-printed background paper touched with gold foil.  This poem is offset to the right.  It would be a $10 page owing to the obscenely expensive background paper, but I just couldn't resist the design.  It screamed "kea" to me.

Here is the two-page spread of "Keys" and "The Plowshare Sword" together.

"Radiant Matter" is printed on plain white paper cut with a decorative edge.  That goes on top of a flimsy yet gorgeous sheet of iridescent blue background -- a very thin piece of paper filmed with plastic.  Simple assembly, but it would be $10 on account of the expensive background paper.  I love this stuff, though; it's a hassle to work with but sooooo pretty.

"The Prairie in Central Park" is printed on green paper, decorated with a bumblebee sticker.  If I already have a sticker or few that will match a poem's theme, it's usually $5.  If I have to go out and buy special stickers, figure $10 or more.  Sometimes stickers are cheap but the good ones are getting absurdly expensive, like $5 or more per packet.  Drives me nuts.

"Wings of Steel" is printed on pearly white paper cut with a decorative edge, then overlain on metallic blue background paper with a spaceship design.  This is another instance where I got sucked in by gorgeous, expensive papers so it would be $10 or more.
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