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Poetry Submissions

I spent a big part of today bundling up poetry submissions to various magazines. This applies toward my 2011 goals including a review of the list, publication in 3 new poetry markets, and trying to sell a short poem (eligible for the Dwarf Stars Award) and a long poem (eligible for the Rhysling Award long category).  I found the new markets by searching Duotrope's Digest. They're close to target on donations for January.

Star*Line -- This is the magazine run by the Science Fiction Poetry Association. It features some of the best speculative poetry. Doesn't pay much, but most people who vote for spec poetry awards will be reading this, so it's always well worth the pitch.
"Just like..."
"Gaslight and Cold Iron"
"Courting on the Porch"
"The Silent Genes Speak"
"The Houses of Haunted Dolls"

Dark Highlands -- A periodical literary anthology with a focus on dark-toned science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Pays decently.
"A Thousand Pokes of Failure"
"Obiora the Huntress"

Expanded Horizons -- Specializes in "Speculative Fiction for the Rest of Us." They want submissions from people of color, queer writers, etc. and portrayals of characters outside the mainstream. Modest pay but awesome concept, well worth encouraging.
"Raving Angels"
"The Odd Trio"
"Middle Passage"
"Dates and the Desert"
"The Dragon-Queen of Pirates"

Linger Fiction -- Another market winning points for awesome concept, this one asks for submissions that the reader will still be thinking about hours or days after finishing. I love writing stuff like this. Probably a good place to pitch your sociological SF. Pays modestly.
"The City of Ice"
"The Navigation of Memory"

Onirismes -- Bilingual in English/French with a goal for increasing cross-national exposure for writers. You know my taste for linguistics; I love supporting diversity like this. They are looking for volunteer staff members and for sponsors, so if this sounds fun to you, check them out. Payment is listed in Euros but looks very promising.
"The Pythia Explains"

New Myths -- Open to science fiction as well as fantasy, but favors mythic material. Pays decently.
"Horehound and Honey"
"The Henchmen's Hitch"
"Where Good Brownies Go"

Not One of Us -- A personal favorite, showcasing misfits, outcasts, and fish-out-of-water. Always good for finding material to make your centaurs cry in their canteloupe. Pays modestly.
"What the Forest Takes"
"Fool's Gold, Iron, and Arsenic"

Polu Texni -- Kind of Greek-inspired, looking for submissions about futuristic art and inspiration. Pays nicely.
"Traces of Intelligence"
"The City at the Sun's Edge"
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