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State of the Author Address 2011

Below is a summary of my wordsmithing activities during 2010...

Poems Written: 288+
Poems Published: 19 outside The Wordsmith’s Forge  + 167 fishbowl poems in The Wordsmith’s Forge = 186

Stories Written: 21 (Torn World) + 1 (other) = 22
Stories Submitted to Market: 19 (Torn World) + 10 (other) = 29
Stories Sold: 18 (Torn World) + 1 (other) = 19

Nonfiction Pieces Written: 11 (Torn World) + 12 (Llewellyn) + 8 (other) = 31
Nonfiction Pieces Published: 2+ (Torn World) + 43 (Llewellyn) + 7 (other) = 52+

Book Proposals Written: 0
Books Written: 0
Books/Book Proposals Submitted to Market: 0
Books Sold: 0
Books Published: 2
..... From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry
..... Prismatica: Science Fiction Poetry Spanning the Spectrum

Books Edited: 1 (YA paranormal romance)

Award Nominations: 5
..... Poetry Fishbowl Project for 2010 Rose & Bay Award: Poetry
..... "Fallen Gardens," "How the Aztecs Conquered Cortéz," "The Mummy
..... Child," and "The Dreamgod" for 2010 Rhysling Award
Awards Won: 2
..... Poetry Fishbowl Project WON 2010 Rose & Bay Award: Poetry
..... "the leaf whisperer" WON 2nd Place in 2009 Dwarf Stars Award

The most exciting accomplishment, of course, is the publication of my two new poetry books.  That took up a great deal of my time and energy this year.  Poetry continues to grow in general, and especially the fishbowl; I wound up with a total of 6 k-fans this year, wow!

My short story "The Political Courtesan Strikes Back" appeared in The Lorelei Signal.  The others appeared in Torn World; you can find them on my contributor page.  Some are for supporters only, but many are visible to the public.  I really enjoyed participating in the Muse Fusions and I got a lot of stories out of that and other TW activities.  In terms of boosting my fiction output, the exercise has been a success; but it's produced very little income, so I've cut back on it.

The two Wordpress blogs that I had going have both crashed. :(  Hypatia's Hoard of Reviews  vanished completely, although Gaiatribe  is still visible.  I set up a Dreamwidth account in case LiveJournal ever becomes uninhabitable.  I also created a new version of my PenUltimate Productions website.  It showcases some of my writing/editing work, projects, interests, and other stuff you might find useful.

I've learned more about the fancy digital camera.  I'm getting good at switching between closeup and landscape modes, and turning the flash from auto to off.  I'd like to try the high-speed "sports" mode sometime, but didn't get around to that this year.  I did discover that while this camera often sucks at indoor shots in artificial lighting, it will do very nice silhouettes at twilight outdoors.  You can see some of my pictures in the "photography" tag.

What were some of your accomplishments during 2010?

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