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2010 Goals in Review

I have reviewed my list of goals for 2010.  Out of 18 goals, I met 9 and missed 8, with one indeterminate.  One of the misses was 2/3 completed, aiming for selling poetry to three new markets (I didn't count reprints).

Most of this year's misses were because I simply didn't get around to working on them; I was busy with other stuff.  Continued observation indicates that, while I'm quite good at meeting single goals or deadlines, I suck at meeting a list  of goals because I forget to keep an eye on the various items.  So I am still working on that part.  I'm sure I'd do better at these if I remembered to check the list periodically throughout the year; therefore I'm making notes in my desk calendar and setting a goal for that.

I definitely like the "fill in the blank" goal, and will be keeping that.

How did you do with your 2010 goals, if you set any?
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