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2010 Holiday Poetry Sale Followup Report

The 2010 Holiday Poetry Sale ran from Monday, December 13 through Friday, December 17.  Unsold poems from the January-November 2010 fishbowls were offered at half price.  All of the sponsored poems have now been posted. 

There were four donors: laffingkat, janetmiles, haikujaguar, xjenavivex.  Special congratulations to xjenavivex on reaching k-fan status!  The k-fans are folks who spend $100+ with me during a year.  They really help keep the lights on here at Fieldhaven.  Of course, the sale is also a good time for people on a tight budget to sponsor poetry and get a little extra bang for their buck.

A total of 18 poems got sponsored:
"Bittersweet Centers"
"Editing Dunbar's Number"
"The Elements of Civilization"
"A Fine Man's Line"
"Furry Virtues"
"Humans With Bumpy Foreheads"
"Insistent Chemistry"
"La Silbadora"
"Learning to Relax"
"The Lines We Draw"
"The Road More Traveled"
"A Spark of Love"
"Speaking What You See"
"Sun's Foe and Moon's Friend"
"The Vampire Funeral"
"What We Say in Passing"

I'm really pleased, as several of these were among the poems that I most wanted to share with the world.  The sale was a big success this year.

One interesting thing that happened: all the sales occurred on Friday, the last day.  (It was kind of amusing to imagine everyone crowded around the poetry table all at once, unfolding and refolding poems like sweaters, and holding them up to guess which ones would fit best...)  Some folks almost missed it because they forgot about it. 

Okay, holidays are a crazy time for most of us.  I have to dodge around the December monthly fishbowl (whose poems will be in the following year's sale) and Yule/Christmas in order to make this happen; plus my k-fan perk has been printing out hardcopies of the year's sponsored fishbowl poems, so I can't finish that project until after the sale.  I'm sure you all have your own challenges to face, too.  I've already decided to add a mention of the sale in the Poetry Fishbowl landing page.  Is there anything I could do in the future to make the Holiday Poetry Sale more convenient for shoppers? 

Poll #1658329 Holiday Poetry Sale Feedback

What would make the Holiday Poetry Sale more convenient for you?

Advance announcement of the HPS at the beginning of December.
Advance announcement of the HPS about a week before it starts.
Daily updates/reminders during the HPS.
Move the HPS to early or mid-January so I can spend my holiday cash on it.
Something else I will explain in a comment.

Thanks to all my donors, prompters, and readers for making the Poetry Fishbowl project a success in general.  You put more poetry in the world, and warm fuzzies in my heart.  Happy holidays to everyone!
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