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Poem: "Echoscape"

This poem came from the November 3, 2009 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was inspired by a prompt from stonetalker.  It was sponsored by laffingkat as part of the 2010 Holiday Poetry Sale.  Thank you, and happy holidays to all!

The prompt involved a mutually favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ("Darmok") and verb-based languages such as Cherokee.  Now, dolphins live in a 3D world, which they perceive mainly in sound-images, so they communicate ... sort of holographically.  This poem is my attempt to translate echolocation into English, while still retaining the original flavor.


echo-away:  ocean

echo-return:  rock
echo-return:  sand
echo-return:  seaweed

echo-return:  fish!
echo-return:  bluefin, food

echo-return:  large school, closing fast
echo-return:  large school, parting

flavor:  bluefin meat
flavor:  blood in the water

echo-return:  large school, scattering
echo-return:  bluefin, food

echo-return:  EATER

echo-away:  ocean

signal-away:  DANGER!  HELP!  DANGER!

echo-return:  rock
echo-return:  reef
echo-return:  reef, REEF!
echo-return:  gap

echo-away:  ocean

echo-return:  EATER

echo-away:  ocean
echo-away:  ocean

echo-away:  air

echo-away:  ocean

echo-return:  pod
echo-return:  family
echo-return:  embrace

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, linguistics, poem, poetry, reading, wildlife, writing
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