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Table of Contents for Prismatica

Here is the table of contents for my new book Prismatica: Science Fiction Poetry Spanning the Spectrum.  It lists all the poems in this book, along with the front and back matter.  Some of these originally appeared on my LJ, some came from other venues, and some are newly published in the collection.  Poems visible online are linked so you can read them.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Janet D. Miles, CPS/CAP

One Ship Tall 1


Sandboxing 3
Artifacts of Intelligent Design 4
Cat’s Cradle 5
Star Orphan 6
The Wisdom of Soloman 7
Circling the Grain 9
ExCommunication 10
Twitter Plated 11
The Gaea Gene 12
Alien Einsteins 13
The Potential Engine 14
Resolutions 15
Telepathogenesis 17
What Radiant Light 18
Countdown 20


Under the Skin 23
From Ice to Fire 24
RoboSoldiers 25
A Steed of Steel and Silver 26
Jonah’s Landing 27
The Fire in Our Eyes 28
The String of Beads 29
O Starless Night 31
Flying With Old Friends 32
Rubbernecking on Rhodamine 34
Uprising 35
Song of Becoming 36
A Spacer’s Lullaby 37
Widowmaker 39
Judas Rising 40
Burgeoning 42
Ode to the End of Life As We Know— 43
The Poltergeist of Polaris 44
Lilith in the Sky With Rubies 47


lush rain 49


Noplace Like Home 51
From ‘Aliens’ to ‘Zooming’ 52
Theoretical Progression 53
It’s Not As Simple As It Seems 54
Bug-Eyed Monsters 55
Unraveling Time Travel 56
Not For Me 57
Crib Notes 59
Space Evaders 60
The Clasping of Hands 61
Déjà Vu All Over Again 62
Alas for Madame Butterfly 63
The Green Tears of Heaven 65
Starskipper 67
Matricide 69
Mea Culpa 70
The Last Green Tree 73


Space Invader Blues 75
Oxygen Frost 76
Chance Process 77
Telltale Traces 78
Escape Velocity 79
Colorbind 80
Worth the Weight? 83
Surface Tension 84
Breakup 85
The Helen of Troy 86
Signal Moments 88
Highrise in Low-G 90
Yonder Go 91
One Bad Apple 92
Starfledged 94

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