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Table of Contents for From Nature's Patient Hands

Here is the table of contents for my new book From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry.  It lists all the poems in this book, along with the front and back matter.  Some of these originally appeared on my LJ, some came from in other venues, and some are newly published in the collection.  Poems visible online are linked so you can read them.

Table of Contents
From Nature's Patient Hands

Introduction by Nicole Robertson
The Nature of Poetry, and Vice Versa by Elizabeth Barrette

Spring’s Air Force 1
Fearless Midgets 2
Inconsiderate Drivers 3
Colorfast 4
Morningsong 5
Campfire Companions 6
A Berry Good Year 7
Seeing the Leaves 8
Whistling in the Dark 9
May Collage 10
Summer’s Coming 11
Wondering When the Strings Will Snap 12
Sugar Snow 13
Bird of Paradise 14
Thunderfist 15
Tidepiece 16
Older Princes Still 17
Waterlight 18
The Beaches of Kaikoura 19
Summoned by Spring 20
August Air 21
Lady Autumn 22
Waiting for the First Snow 23
Twilight Surprise 24
The True Heart of Autumn 26
Meadowseed 27
Fall 28
Hiking by Tundra Lake 29
Fresh Rock 30
Strike 31
The Stories of the Sea 32
A Tangible Reminder 33
February Blush 34
Ecological Dyslexia 35
Weeds and Flowers 36
The Vixen’s Kits 37
Royals 38
The Curves of the Earth 39
Wake-Up Call 40
Paratroopers 41
Autumn’s Daughter 42
Lazybones 43
Good Morning, Mr. Toad 44
Harmony, Mystery, Symphony 45
Leading Edge 46
Alpenglow 47
Water in the Desert 48
Her Verdant Skirts 49
Lightning, No Less 50
Under the Stone 51
The Trumpets of the Sun 52
You Can’t Hang This on the Wall 53
Onward Toward the Spring 54
The Seeds of June 55
Midsummer Sun 56
From Fall 57
Ice and Sky 58
Through the Lens of a Camera 59
What Waves Are Made Of 60
Jewelweed 61
The Otters Come Skimming 62
Visions of Spring 63
From Nature’s Patient Hands 64
Night Mending 65
This Silken Light 66
Gentle Edges 67
From Every Adversary 68
Moon Bridge 69
Dividing Light 70
Where the Sea Meets the Sand 71
There Was That Time 72
Puddling Butterflies 73
Professional Courtesy 74
October Campaign 75
Night Blooming 76
Swamps, Enlightened 77
true colors 79
cat-and-mouse 80
what the willow seeks 81
each one holding a star 82
white wind 83
the chocolate moths of autumn 84
wintersteed, stormhorse 85
listening to the wind 86
leaves of lost autumns 87
tangerine sleeves 88
winter’s queen 89
Shadowflight 90
Gleaning in the Lean Season 91
Such Splendid Carnage 92
Too Cold to Fly 93
Rainbow Snow 94
The Trees for the Forest 95
Stormswimming 96
Winter Garden 97
Walking with Wildflowers 98
Galaxies in the Grass 99
September Zinnias 100
Canvas 101
Prairie Dreams 102
Fireworms in Love 103
The Teeth of the Lion 104
Yellowstone 105
Mountainforge 106
Summer in Iceland 107
Autumn is 108
Alligator Illusions 109
The Spanish Dagger 110
White Sands 111
Where the Shadows Meet the Sun 112
Betwixt and Between 113
Slanting Sun 114
Fractalife 115
Sunflame 116
Little Blue Marble 117
This Mountain Knows Its Own Name 118
Reflections in a Mountain Lake 119
Seeing Spots 120
White Ladies 121
Sudden Flowers 122
Autumn Fires Burning 123
Letter to a Friend in Florida 125
Age Spots 126
Spruce, Spruce, Hemlock, Spruce, Hemlock 127
Stood Up 128
Sunsweat 129
This Is September 130
When the Rain Has Just Fallen 131
Harney Peak 132
The Early Bird 133
An Unknown Yellow 134
Zen River 135
Stream of Consciousness 136
Canadian Shield 137
The Quest for Quadrantids 138
Bearclaws 139
Cypress Summer 140
Snowballs from Beyond 141
Peace is the Picture 142
Mountains Strange and Wise 143
Sound the Bugle 144
Bristlecone Pines 145
Because It Falls from the Sky 146
I Have Sung with Wolves 147
Scaling Down 148
Slow Fade 149
The Xylophone Ice 150
Music in the Mud 151
Summer’s Ensemble 152
Tuning Up 153
WaterSounds 154

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