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Who wants poetry books?

This is the book-shopping post that folks have been waiting for.

First, I'd like to thank Crystalwizard for a lovely job on the books and a lot of hard work; and my audience for inspiration and assorted support.  Also, three cheers for the Poetry Fishbowl prompters and donors in particular: you have them to thank for a bundle of poems in each book.  I know some of you have been waiting for me to put out a poetry book for a looooooong time now!  I hope you'll find these to be worth the wait.

About the Books

From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry explores Earth's wonders through verse.  Walk with me through the turning seasons, across the continents, into cathedrals built by life and time.  Whether you love nature or poetry, or both, you'll find a new scenic view in here.  View the book cover in my LJ album. Read the table of contents with links to sample poems. Read some discussion questions for book clubs, classes, and other group activities.

Prismatica: Science Fiction Poetry Spanning the Spectrum soars through the myriad realms of "What if...?" including starflight, time travel, aliens, inventions, and things that make scientists say "That's funny..."  Someday, if the black gods of space are kind, people will be reading this book in zero gravity or under the light of distant suns.  View the book cover in my LJ album. Read the table of contents with links to sample poems. Read some discussion questions for book clubs, classes, and other group activities.

Both of these books are good "gateway" collections.  If someone likes nature, From Nature's Patient Hands is a good introduction to poetry they will probably enjoy; and vice versa.  It's also a good choice in general if you want to give something of mine to your more mainstream friends or relatives; the poetry is clear with a familiar topic, and it's about as low in controversy as I ever get (though not zero).  If someone likes science fiction, Prismatica is a good opener for speculative poetry; and vice versa.  It's a good bet for fannish friends or other subcultures, and scientists would probably like it -- multiple sciences are featured.  Both books also have strong discussion potential, if anyone is looking for something suited to classroom or book club use.  (I'm hoping to work up some good discussion questions later, as part of my promotional materials.)  Those are my "target audience" tips; I'll try to track reader reviews so folks will have other assessments to peruse.

I'm working on book launch plans, and will post updates for events and resources as the details firm up.  Meanwhile, if you want to know what you can do to help, check out "How to Support Your Favorite Author."  Much of that will apply here.

* Read the press release for these books. Feel free to share this announcement.
* Read my review/promotion post for ideas on how you can help spread the word.


If you buy books directly from me, that maximizes what I receive from the purchase, so this would be greatly appreciated.  Second best option is buying them from the Diminuendo Press site.  They also appear on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but I and the publisher get a very small piece of the pie that way -- it's mainly intended as exposure, for people who don't already know me.

Buying from me, prices are the same for From Nature's Patient Hands and Prismatica:

Hardcopy: one book $12 + $2 shipping = $14
Any two books: $12 + $12 + $3 shipping = $27
Five or more books ordered together gets you free shipping.  Other numbers of books, ask me and I'll estimate the price/postage for you.

The above is estimated shipping for travel within the United States of America. If you live somewhere else, I'll have to check the rates. Once I have the books, I will also be able to figure exact postage for future orders. Worth noting is that the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope at $13.45 seems to be the best bargain for most foreign destinations. If you want that, it's a fixed price. See the USPS "calculate postage" page for further details.

It is much more cost-effective to order and ship hardcopy books in bulk.  Therefore I will be collecting orders this week, through Thursday, December 9; I'll place the order on Friday 10.  Given shipping times, these will probably arrive in the vicinity of the holidays but I'm not sure if they'll make it ahead of Winter Solstice or Christmas; if you really need a fast arrival, you should probably go to the Diminuendo Press site and order directly from there.
EDIT 12/11/10: The hardcopy book batch has been ordered from the publisher. We ordered a few extras of each title, so if you missed the original order period you can still get copies from me.

Ebook: one book = $7
Both books together = $13
The standard format is PDF file.  I have that for both books already, and can send it to you immediately on receiving your payment.  If you want some other electronic format, please let me know what that is and which book(s) you want; I'll ask Crystalwizard if it's possible to translate the book into that format.  Please treat this work with respect and refrain from pirating it; honesty and dishonesty will be appropriately rewarded by karma tribbles.  Wordsmithing is my dayjob and this is how I put beans on the table.

When ordering, please tell me which book(s) you want, what format(s) you want, and where to send your order.  For hardcopies, I will be happy to autograph the book(s); please tell me what you want the inscription to say.

Here is a button for PayPal purchases. 

I also take checks.  If you want to arrange some other method of payment, contact me and we'll discuss details.  If you have any questions or comments regarding my work, just ask.
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