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Poem: "The Underground Gardens"

This poem came out of the November 2, 2010 Poetry Fishbowl.  It was sponsored by janetmiles.  It was inspired by a prompt from jenny_evergreen regarding the beautiful and amazing Forestiere Gardens.  The images made me wonder who would live in a place like that.  The obvious answer seemed to be a dwarf and an elf, and I already had a dwarf-elf-human family from "The Odd Trio" so there it went.

The Underground Gardens

Three adventurers came to Cree,
Made their fortunes, and stayed to see
How they could garden a family tree.

Druga the dwarf wanted to dwell
Under the earth in stone's cool cell,
Like the dwarves of whom the legends tell.

Elan the elf preferred to live
Amidst what woods the gods might give.
Druga muttered, "... and roof like a sieve."

Hope the human prayed for relief,
Rose up with a blended belief,
And said to them, "There's no need for grief."

"Druga can have her tunnels deep
And Elan can his forest keep
All in one home where we three may sleep."

So Druga dug the catacomb
And Elan seeded the rich loam
And Hope tended their children at home.

Never say that three different kinds
Cannot reach a meeting of minds;
In the town of Cree that rule unwinds.

For here the trees grow underground
And stones are quickened with the sound
Of two children laughing all around.

Dwarves and elves and humans now stay
Happily in their family way,
Sun and shadow and petal and clay.

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