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Poem: "Mutant Fruit"

I have long admired the "Weird Fruit" series of paintings by Ursula Vernon.  So when eseme mentioned the vampire squash from Digger, I went out to the gallery for a reminder, and well, this poem happened.  I decided to make it today's second freebie because I don't want to take money for something that is this heavily based on someone else's work -- the interpretations are my own, but the Squashbat, Mammoth Garlic, Lemonlopes, Bighorn Pears, Wildebeets, and Boreal Yams are all of Ursula's design.  This is sort of humor-horror or weird-tales stuff.  Second freebie is courtesy of new prompters paradigmshifty and alycewilson.

Mutant Fruit

Although the first frankenfoods
were developed on purpose
to create heavier yields or
to withstand potent herbicides,
evolution took over from there
and things got interesting.

First came the Vampire Squashbat,
ungainly until it opens its wings
but deadly in the air.

Its spread was controlled
only by the rise of Mammoth Garlic
staking claim to the northlands.

Then the Lemonlopes took to the plains
in great golden herds, their fragrant passage
a constant temptation.

Competing for territory with them
were the Bighorn Pears -- more vulnerable
on the flats, but capable of climbing higher.

Later, the Wildebeets proved useful
for dealing with Vampire Squashbats,
their blood a vivid bait.

The Boreal Yams emerged from the ocean
and did a fine job of repelling yetis,
though they scuffle with Mammoth Garlic.

Over the years, more reports of mutant fruit
have come in, but it's difficult to get confirmation
when the once-intrepid explorers
are afraid to venture outside of their jeeps
or even, sometimes,
to open their lunchboxes.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, horror, poem, poetry, reading, writing
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