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List of Unsold Poems from the September 7-8 Poetry Fishbowl - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
List of Unsold Poems from the September 7-8 Poetry Fishbowl
The following poems from the September 7-8, 2010 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. They may be sponsored via PayPal, or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

"The Book Within" -- 24 lines, $10 SOLD
From the prompt about DNA and stem cells, I got the free-verse poem "The Book Within." It uses writing as an extended metaphor for life science.

"The Difference Between" -- 24 lines, $10 SOLD
From "gene therapy" I got the free-verse poem "The Difference Between." I also brought in selective breeding as a comparison. This poem explores where and how we draw the lines, and touches on the opposed dangers of stagnation and excess.

"Forethoughts and Afterthoughts" -- 16 lines, $10
I checked to see if anyone had come up with a good explanation for the appendix's purpose yet -- and to my delight, here it is. That explanation matches what data I have. So "Forethoughts and Afterthoughts" is a poem that explains what the appendix does, even though we often think of it as useless. This poem is written in free verse.

"Heirs of the Heart" --  28 lines, $15
From the prompt about the nutritional needs of engingeered bodies, I got "Heirs of the Heart." This free-verse poem explores the creation of new species and how the creator may have an idea of how they'll develop -- but can never fully know in advance.

"Infinitesimal Angels" -- 21 lines, $10 SOLD
From the "Gene Angel" picture I got the free verse poem "Infinitesimal Angels," about the tiny guardians who defend against random mutation.

"The Lines We Draw" -- 15 lines, $10
From "genetic mutation" I got the poem "The Lines We Draw." This rondeau uses its title as a refrain, exploring how we define humanity.

"Secret Codons" -- 21 lines, $10
From the article prompt about three-letter codons, I got the free-verse poem "Secret Codons," which explores both the creation of new proteins and the possibility of extrasolar life.

"The Silent Genes Speak" -- 15 lines, $10
Your prompt became the title of a poem, "The Silent Genes Speak." It's a rondeau, using the same phrase as its refrain. This poem weaves together the past, present, and future through the medium of genes as they move into and out of expression.

"Soul Cravings" -- 25 lines, $10 SOLD
From your post about the nutritional needs of otherkin I got the poem "Soul Cravings." It explores the challenges of balancing what the spirit remembers with what the body can handle. It's free verse, written in five-line stanzas.

"The Springs of Life and Time" -- 12 lines, $10
The "time sensitivity" prompt inspired a Torn World poem written in double-ballad form. "The Springs of Life and Time" uses the spiral shape of DNA and clock springs to connect the two topics, while exploring how the Ancients impacted their descendants.

"Those Who Go Between" -- 20 lines, $10
The prompt about evolution and space travel inspired "Those Who Go Between." This free-verse poem contrasts the colonists adapted for individual planets with the spacers adapted for star travel.

"Two Peas in a Pod" -- 9 lines, $5 SOLD
I could not resist the temptation to take the "cloning" prompt and turn it into a cautionary tale about the probable result of parenting for the wrong reason. "Two Peas in a Pod" is a free-verse poem.

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