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Photography: Windloss

A wild storm blew up today while we were out running errands.  It hailed, somewhere between pea and marble size.  It rained buckets.  The wind roared.  The storm was in no mood  to calm down, regardless of how I asked.  About all I got out of Sister Wind and Sister Rain was a stream of invective about BP and the oil in the rain, followed by something or other in a Native American language that's either one I don't know any words of or it went past way too fast for me to catch anything.  Driving through Charleston, we saw a small tree that had been snapped off near the ground, with no fire-sign on it: that's windwall damage.  There were also a lot of branches and leaves torn loose, etc.

When we got home, we discovered that one of our trees had blown down.  This was one of the big old trees that formed part of the canopy in the forest section of the yard.  We are very very grateful that it fell toward the south, spilling into the south lot, rather than straight west into the house.  So the house shields did their job.  But still, alas for the tree!  We are gradually losing our big old trees and they take time to replace.  I can't even afford  to get a replacement sapling right now, and no telling if I'll be able to next spring either, assuming we can get the fallen tree chopped up and stacked elsewhere.  I'm wondering if the sky is expressing an opinion that this area should be prairie!dammit!  and not yard-forest.  That's a sad thought, because I really want to have a food/habitat forest, and it's hard when the weather rips up my canopy.

This is the view looking west alongside the house.  You can see the shattered end of the trunk.

A long view down the south meadow shows the whole fallen tree.  The tree is much bigger than it looks in this shot.  It used to be part of the line dividing the forest section (in front of the house, next to the street) from the south lot.

This picture shows the fallen tree closer, giving a better idea of its size.

These are more closeups of the broken end.

Here is a view of the broken end from the street side, looking more or less southeast.

Shooting east and just a little south, this is the racking great hole left in my forest canopy and shade cover. Argh.

From inside the forest yard, shooting south and a little east, here is a silhouette view of the gap and the broken trunk.

Meanwhile the sky to the northwest is dark and sullen again, flaring with lightning and thunder. 

I'm already tired from trying to convince the earlier storm not to, say, rip Illinois out by the roots.  There are  some two-leggeds here who do not actually suck and are trying to care for the land ... but we're kind of hard to notice in the increasingly toxic sea of humanity.  *sigh*  Positive thoughts welcome.
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