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Food Rules

There's a fellow collecting common-sense rules about healthy eating.  He has some pretty cool samples online.

However, I will note that his rule about "Eat all the junk food you want, as long as you cook it yourself" does not necessarily produce his predicted result that you will eat far less of it.  Since I got the ice cream maker several years ago, we have started to eat MUCH more ice cream!  But it is ice cream made from dairy, a modest amount of sugar, a main flavor that is often home-grown fruit, and vanilla extract/spices for enhancement.  (We are particularly thrilled with this week's experiment using real Jersey cream.)  It contains a respectable amount of nutrients along with its calories, and a modest portion is plenty filling.  It usually isn't that difficult to make; I'll make a batch of some flavor about once a week in the warm season, more if we have company often.  Fried foods?  Maybe once a year.  So pay attention to what you consider easy or tedious to make.
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