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Poem: "The Folding Boat"

This poem was inspired and sponsored by marina_bonomi, who directed my attention to this origami boat.  Once you're familiar with the construction, the poem helps to remember the steps -- I'm not sure how well it would stand alone.  This is part of the "Origami Mage" series.  You can also read the related poem "flowing water, folding boat."

The Folding Boat

First, start with a rectangle standing tall,
Then fold in half sideways and open wide.
Now fold the top downward to touch its toes;
Fold top corners in to the line inside.

Fold first layer up, just like a hat's brim,
Then turn it over and do that again.
Pull the sides outward and flatten the square,
And sharpen the creases, neat as a pin.

What was the hat's top should be pointing up;
What was the hat's brim should be pointing down.
Now fold each side's base on up to the top:
The point of the brim is touching the crown.

Pull outward the sides and press them down flat.
Now tug the top parts to open them out
And make a boat shape.  Then flatten once more,
And crease the folds from the stern to the snout.

Next, open up slightly the center space
And use your hands gently to shape the boat.
You're finished at last; it's ready to go,
So find some water and set it afloat!

Tags: crafts, cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, writing

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