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Monday Update

There were lots of Poetry Fishbowl wrap-up posts toward the end of the week, including:
"Donor Perk-Post: Ballads and Double-Ballads" (visible if you've donated in the last 2 months)
"Discussing the Origami Mage"
"Poetry Fishbowl Report"
"List of Unsold Poems"

Several people are expressing interest in a collection of poems about the origami mage who has appeared in two poems so far.  Line art and photographs of origami have been suggested as illustrations.  I'm open to the possibility.  First, I'd need to write a lot more poems about this character and her world, related schools (a kirigami rival has already appeared), and so forth.  I'd also need to figure out a format, or formats -- ebook, cheap plain chapbook, expensive handmade unique artbook, etc.  Let's keep talking.

Torn World news includes:
You can now vote for Torn World on Top Web Fiction.
Verb voices are covered.

I had some good photography sessions outside:
"Photography: Leaflets"
"Photography: Today's Flowers"

Some interesting discussions about reading/writing:
"Electronic Review Copies"
"Your Take on Titles"
"Magazines that don't exist"
"Jane Yolen on Writing"
"Do protagonists have to be smart?"

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