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Photography: Leaflets

These are more photos from yesterday's shoot, emphasizing the beauty of new leaves.  Notice that a majority of these trees and bushes are multi-purpose with attractive and useful features, appealing both to humans and to wildlife.

Washington hawthorn has frilly leaves that sprout bronze and green.  It will produce wildlife-attracting fruit.

Japanese red maple produces vivid burgundy leaves that gradually fade to bronze-green over the summer.

Ordinary maple leaves sprout in a brighter red.

European mountain ash is sometimes called ash, sometimes called rowan.  Its leaflets open up into beautiful silvery-green fans covered with fuzzy hairs.  They are glossy dark green later in summer.  Another wildlife food, but can be made into jelly for human consumption.

This is linden, which I planted for the bees.  Linden honey is exquisitely delicate.  So I figured if pure linden honey can be made, the bees must love it.  Also the flowers (will) have stupendous fragrance.

Shellbark hickory is a relative of the more famous shagbark, but its nuts are easier to extract.  I got this one for the nuts (edible to humans and wildlife) and the nifty bark.

Nannyberry viburnum has bronzy leaves in spring that turn glorious shades of red, orange, and purple in the fall.  Fragrant pannicles of ivory flowers appear later in spring.  Yet another human/wildlife food, eventually.  One the two plants, planted same size and same day, is about hip height now.  The other is over my head and turning into a thicket as it suckers.  They are about 10' apart.  Go figure.

Golden raintree sprouts in scarlet, fades to pinkish-green, then deepens to glossy green in summer.  The leaves are complicated frilly things that cast a lovely dappled shade.  It blooms in long tails of yellow.

I call this one "Green Wings" -- a shot of maple seeds against the sky.
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