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Magazines that don't exist ...

... but would be cool if they did.

maryrobinette has a post about nonpaying markets, and we got into a discussion of whether it's ever worthwhile to give away a piece of writing.  I allowed as to how some magazines have an instant niche and are worth supporting, given that I am an activist as well as a professional wordsmith, and there are some topics I customarily work to advance.

I think that depends on the market. Zippy's New Science Fiction? Not much of a niche. Alien Queers? Alternative Histories of Color? Form Poetry of the World? Crowdfunding Creatives R Us? Bilingual Conlang Fantasies? Those are instant niches and I would be all over them.

What are some magazine titles that would be so enthralling for you that you'd at least consider giving them some of your work for free?
Tags: activism, economics, writing
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