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Photography: Today's Flowers

Today the sun came out, so I was able to shoot some more photos.  Some of these have nice artistic composition, while others are more snapshots for identification.

New improved cherry blossoms, now with brighter whites!

These crabapple blossoms will open soon and cover the tree in clouds of dark pink.

Does anyone know what kind of tulip this is?  I've got a wide range of varieties, but I don't remember this one.  It has these amazing leaves that are green veined with purple.  The flower is ivory, with pink stripes on the outside and a black star inside.

This year the serviceberry has even more blossoms.  I'm happy because I love the fruit, which is sort of blueberry-ish.  I've only had a couple, and last year the birds ate them all before I got any.  Hopefully there will be more this time!

Gold currants are amazing plants.  These trumpet-shaped yellow flowers have an intense spicy-sweet scent.  This plant is very happy and is producing runners that sprout in clumps.  Highly recommended for fragrance and wildlife.

The purple-leafed sand cherry (aka beach plum) is also in bloom.  I have several of these in the south hedge, very pretty.  The flowers have a salty smell rather like pear blossoms, only these are pink with dark centers.

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