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Photography: Whiskers and Moss

A few days ago, I got outside for a photo shoot.  These are some of the highlights ...

Among the ever-shifting population of farm cats, there are currently two kittens.  They like to hide under things.

Due to recent rain, many patches of moss are spawning.  I got some good pictures of the reproductive bodies.  I think the "tall moss" looks like a tiny jungle.

I was fascinating by this old bird nest in a honeysuckle bush, surrounded by tiny new leaves.  Those leaves were no bigger than my fingernail, and the nest itself barely palm size.  It's bigger than a hummingbird nest, though, so I suspect that it belongs to one of the tiny wrens or finches.

I like to take pictures of dead things.  It took some fiddling to get the drooping angle right, but I am pleased with this photo of a spent crocus.  I think the speck of orange stamen really makes it pop.

I have some more photos, including:

* Orange kitty under the wheelbarrow
* Orange kitty and brown kitty together under the wheelbarrow
* Closeups of different moss patches and varieties
* A purple crocus bud
* Blooming crocus in the yard.

Several artists have posted samples of their sketch pages, with more sketches being available if people want to sponsor some.  I'm trying something similar with photography.  So if you want to see more, $1 will get you two extra photos.  (You can use the PayPal button on my profile page, or contact me for other options.)  Your choice of 1/4 size like these, or full-size; I'll try to remember to put them behind a cut.  Doug's camera seems to be shooting at 1600x1200, and I usually reduce the size to 400x300.  I've tried keying in half-size but it doesn't show up that way.

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