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What Conservatives Are Doing Wrong

This was billed as an open letter to conservatives.  I doubt they'd want to read it, though.  It's really just a laundry list of things the conservative movement has done that offend and infuriate liberals (and sometimes other conservatives).  My opinion of liberal politicians is marginally higher, because while they don't follow their ideals much better, more of their ideals are at least in the right place.  On the whole, I am disgusted by politics.

Compare to this piece about how conservatives are evil.  I don't think all conservatives are evil; I have some conservative friends, who are decent folks, who sometimes have brilliant ideas that I never would have thought of.  However, I am alarmed by the direction of the broader conservative movement these days.  I find many of its beliefs repugnant, and its actions are leading to many evil effects.  For instance, letting people suffer and die because you want to take their money and they don't have any -- that's evil, as in "The love of money is the root of all evil."  In the most fundamental sense, what promotes life and happiness is good; what promotes death and suffering is evil.  There may be some good apples in the barrel, but there are a lot of rotten ones in there, and it reeks.

Think about what parts of the world you consider to be sucking.  Think about why they are that way.  Watch who supports the suck and who tries to fix it.  You may disagree with my conclusions; that's fine.  Just do the thinking.
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