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The 10 Strangest Moons

Read about our solar system's 10 strangest moons.

Writing Exercise

1) Set the time for your story at least a century in the future, in a positive direction.  Suppose that humanity has successfully removed its head from its haunches and has gotten into space where it belongs, settling much of the solar system.

2) Roll 1d10.  Count down the list (be careful, some moons are in the same paragraph) to find your story setting.

3) Roll 1d10 twice more, re-rolling if you get the same moon from line #2.  Count down to find these two moons.  In your story is a cargo barge, and its cargo consists of equipment for exploring and/or settling those two moons.

4) Skim this article about character types.  Roll 2d8 and count up from the bottom to find your character's basic type.  You may embroider as desired.

5) An extremely valuable piece of property has crashed on the moon from line #2.  Your protagonist, from line #4, must attempt to retrieve the mighty macguffin, using supplies logically derived from the information in line #3.
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