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Thoughts on High-Fructose Corn Syrup

The government is finally starting to notice that high-fructose corn syrup does bad things to those who eat it.  Here's a blog post that discusses a recent study on that, along with an old photograph showing a random crowd of people from the pre-HFCS days.

I'm frustrated that it's almost impossible to avoid the vile stuff.  There are whole category products that have no HFCS-free options anymore.  I would LOVE to take a grocery store and turn loose a photo crew on it.  First go through and remove all the HFCS products from the shelves.  I estimate that would empty over 90% of the shelves.  Film it.  Put everything back.  Repeat the process with MSG, any other artificial ingredients you want to avoid, and leading allergens such as nuts and gluten.  Shoot each version.  Now pull all the products that contain ANY ONE of those, leaving only the healthy edibles.

I bet damn near every shelf except the produce aisle and the little "health food" second would be almost barren.
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