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A Petition to Skip

I don't sign every petition I see.  I decided to skip this one:

Last weekend, Tea Party Patriots gathered in the Capitol and showered racist and homophobic abuse on Democratic Congress Members supporting healthcare reform. One Tea Party protester called the former civil rights leader and current Atlanta Congressman John Lewis the "n-word." Another spat on Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, also an African-American. Another called Congressman Barney Frank a "f****t." Back in his Texas district, yet another Tea Bagger called Congressman Ciro Rodriguez a "wet****."

SIGN OUR PETITION to the GOP: "Apologize for your hate-spewing proxies in the Tea Party Patriots. It is not acceptable for you to build your party's political fortunes by encouraging and defending bigotry and hatred among your supporters."

Video and Petition: http://www.facebook.com/cuentame?v=app_105315143142YF9.CNM

It's not that I think bigotry is okay; it's not.  It's vile behavior.  But when people are bigots, it's convenient if they show  that, because then it's easier to fight.  You know who your opponents are and what kind of ugly world they want to live in.  You can avoid supporting them, their businesses, their causes, their political parties and candidates, etc.

Also, I don't believe in pressuring people to lie.  Those folks clearly think those things about those politicians.  If they apologized, they wouldn't mean it -- they can't -- so they would just be lying.  That's a mockery of what apology is all about. 

Sometimes free speech is ugly, yes.  And sometimes that's very, very useful.  If the opposition is going to reveal itself as a bunch of bigoted nutjobs ... let them.

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