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Ostara Pictures

Our Ostara celebration was great fun today.  We decorated eggs, first using crayons to draw runes, and then dipping them into egg dye.  These were very pale "brown" eggs, so shades of ivory and light tan.  The teal and purple were brightest, orange became a nice peach, red became a brick red, and the denim blue didn't take very well.  We skipped the yellow.  Some eggs were also painted instead of dyed.  Here is a basket showing some of our eggs:

This is an egg that I decorated, and it's also the one that I chose during ritual.  Very tasty afterwards, too!  I saved the shell to bury in my garden.

This is another egg, with stickers as well as runes.

We thought this one was cool, because it was cracked and the dye got inside.  (That's okay.  Easter egg dye is a food color that is safe to eat if it gets a little on the white.)

Our feast included deviled eggs...

Spring salad, starting with purchased assorted leaves brought by friend, to which I added fresh chives and French sorrel.

Mushroom quiche...

... and roast goose (recipe to follow).

From that goose, I got 1 cup of raw fat globs, probably another 3 cups liquid fat, enough meat to feed 7 people with a lunch-sized portion left over, giblets and raw scraps enough for one batch of stock, and the carcass for another batch of stock.  Even on sale, goose is not a cheap meat, but boy howdy are we getting our money's worth out of this one!  I haven't tried cooking with the fat yet, so I don't know whether I'll agree that it's awesome, but I am pretty sure the stock will be.

Our ritual included some humorous moments.  (Greenhaven Tradition rituals never go quite perfectly; we've learned to go with the flow.)  With the wind frisking merrily through our cloaks and sweaters, the chalice tipped over -- fortunately not breaking, but did flood the plate of cakes.  Also, a tall drum held between one fellow's knees very nearly toppled into the (unlit) firepit, and a sword belted to another fellow's belt slowly tipped over and unsheathed itself, leading to some humorous remarks about spring having sprung and causing various body parts to frolic in symbol. 

The gist of the ritual involved charging a decorated egg with energy to help the goddess Ostara turn the seasons.  We also passed around the basket and each took an egg to symbolize the coming season's energy.  Some folks chose a particular egg, while others took one at random.  Let's say ... the Runes behave in their customary way even when drawn in crayon on colored eggs, with some enlightening positive and negative messages.  (Yes, we put 2 eggs out of almost two dozen with some of the darker Runes, for sake of authenticity.  That's really not a symbol set that is happy if you try to make it send only cheerful messages.)  We even included an unmarked egg for Wyrd, the hypothetical blank Rune.

On the whole, we had a lovely day.  Happy Ostara, folks!
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