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Sponsored Photos: More Flowers!

red_trillium has sponsored four more photos, and liked the closeup of the purple crocuses best, so here are more flowers for you to enjoy.  Many thanks for the donation!

This white crocus is in the rain garden.  Those are honeybees visiting it; the girls are awake early this year.  (That means, if they're still this perky when the fruit trees bloom, bumper crops are possible.  Usually they are not awake even by then -- and it'll be a while before those bloom.)

Yellow crocus bloom in clumps in the rain garden.  I think the single purple crocus in the corner adds interesting contrast.

The snow crocus in the goddess garden have a color that the giant crocus don't seem to produce: ivory.  This flower is a pale, creamy yellow like old ivory.  It is visibly different from the bright primary yellow, which the snow crocus also produce.  So far only one purple snow crocus has opened, yesterday.  These are much smaller than the giant crocus -- the blooms below are barely bigger than my thumbnail.

The giant crocus also produce a bloom that I haven't seen elsewhere: white veined with purple.  This one is a little smaller than the other giant crocus, and it's growing in the purple garden under that tree I showed earlier.  I was also experimenting with angles, so I got down on one knee and shot this side-view picture.  You can see some other crocus leaves that haven't bloomed yet, and the bigger leaves are tulips.
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