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Torn World Muse Fusion Followup Report

Yesterday's Torn World Muse Fusion went well.  You can read the "go" post over in torn_world and watch for an official followup report there.  My Muse Fusion post from yesterday describes how I handle this project, and also lists some details about what I wrote. 

This time I also kept closer track of my own activities.  Fiction takes more out of me than poetry does, which tends to break up the day more.  I worked a total of 8 hours, broken into three sessions.  It seems to take about an hour to write most of the short-short stories.  They take a little longer if I have do research on the fly, or if the story has a higher word count.  For example...

"A Monster Project" -- 1 hour, 856 words
"The Bird Festival" -- 1 hr 15 min, 1,188 words
"It's Not Magic, It's Science!" -- 1 hour, 1,238 words
"The Shades of Yesterday" -- 2 hours, 1,832 words

I also wrote three poems: "I Want Wings," "In Willow's Arms," and "Three Red Feathers."

Sponsorships are well underway.  If you want to know what has been sponsored or is still available, here's the list:

"A Monster Project" -- sponsored by kelkyag
"The Bird Festival" -- still available for $12
"It's Not Magic, It's Science!" -- cosponsored by melissad and kelkyag
"The Shades of Yesterday" -- cosponsored by kelkyag, still needs another $7.50

"I Want Wings" -- still available for $6 OR 20 Torn World Karma
"In Willow's Arms" -- sponsored by allykat
"Three Red Feathers" -- freebie poem

Sponsored items will be submitted to Torn World for approval, and should eventually become visible to the public.  Unsponsored items will be reserved for Torn World supporters only.  I want to take some time to re-read the stories and run them past my first-reader; then they will get submitted to Torn World.  "In Willow's Arms" and "Three Red Feathers" have already been submitted.

Thank you to all the folks who sent prompts or made donations.  Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!
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