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Muses, Start Your Engines!

EDIT: I am done for the night.  *goflopnow*

The Torn World Muse Fusion is now open over on [info]torn_world.  You can read more about Torn World on the main site.  Today we are seeking prompts to inspire art, fiction, poetry -- whatever you would like to see.  Everyone is eligible to make prompts.  Please leave your prompts as comments to the Muse Fusion post.

I plan to write poetry; I'm open to the possibility of flash fiction if a prompt inspires me in that direction.  So far I own the characters Fala (Northern), Karavai (Northern), Rai (Southern), and Alko (Southern) and I can write about others if I get permission.  Today is for brainstorming and creativity; materials will be reviewed for canon consideration, and possibly revised, after the Muse Fusion.  

I plan to make at least one piece visible to the public on the Torn World site.  The rest will be visible only to Torn World supporters unless they get sponsored.  You have THREE options for sponsoring my work and revealing it to the public:

1) If you are not a registered Torn World member, you can pay in cash via check or PayPal button.

2) If you are a registered Torn World member, you can give me Karma points.

3) If you are a Torn World supporter, you can give me Credits.

Since Torn World publications are open to crowdfunding at any time, they may continue to earn me money.  Therefore I'm setting my Muse Fusion prices somewhat lower than for my Poetry Fishbowl prices.  For poetry:

0-10 lines: $3 OR 3 Torn World Credits OR 10 Torn World Karma
11-25 lines: $6 OR 6 Torn World Credits OR 20 Torn World Karma 
26-40 lines: $9 OR 9 Torn World Credits OR 30 Torn World Karma
41-60 lines: $12 OR 12 Torn World Credits OR 40 Torn World Karma
Poems over 60 lines, or with very intricate structure, fall into custom pricing.  

If I write any flash fiction, I'll figure out its pricing then. Stories go for cash or Credits, not Karma.

So far I have:
"A Monster Project" -- A story in which a young Duurludirj man seeks better ways of killing sea monsters.
856 words, Buy It Now = $10 OR 10 Torn World Credits
This story has been sponsored by kelkyag.

"The Bird Festival" -- A story that tells the adventures of Penguin, Kiwi, and Scythebeak as they travel to the Bird Festival in defiance of the rule that only fliers may attend.
1,188 words, Buy It Now = $12 OR 12 Torn World Credits

"It's Not Magic, It's Science" -- A story in which Oranaan constructs a device to respond to traces left by anomalies, but it doesn't work out entirely as planned, and Emeroma is less than thrilled by his results.
1,238 words -- Buy It Now = $12
This story has been half sponsored by melissad and kelkyag. is currently seeking a cosponsor for the other $6. It will be polished up and sent to the canon board for approval, and should be visible to the public later.

"The Shades of Yesterday" -- A story taking place primarily in the Historic Haberdashery Museum in Affabreidalam. It concerns a young clerk and some discrepancies in the displays.
1,832 words, Buy It Now = $15 OR 15 Torn World Credits
This story has been half sponsored by kelkyag, and is currently seeking a cosponsor for the $7.50 remaining.

"I Want Wings" -- A rhymed, repeating poem about a young scientist who dreams of heavier-than-air flight.
14 lines, Buy It Now = $6 OR 6 Torn World Credits OR 20 Torn World Karma

"In Willow's Arms" -- A Northern poem with alliteration that tells the story of how Willow became Death's love.
24 lines, Buy It Now = $6 OR 6 Torn World Credits OR 20 Torn World Karma
This poem has been sponsored by allykat.

"Three Red Feathers" -- A Southern poem about love tokens.
This will be today's freebie poem, submitted to Torn World for public viewing.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fiction, poetry, reading, science fiction, torn world, writing

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