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Torture and Illegality

Here's a thorough article about torture.

My stance: Torture is evil.  It is something that evil people and nations do, and consider okay to do.  It is not something that good people and nations do or consider okay to do; they are wholeheartedly against it, as it is evil.  Torture is illegal in America and many other countries.  Counting torture illegal is a sign of civilization; permitting it is a sign of barbarism. 

Beyond the fact that it is illegal, consider a key reason why it is made illegal: torturing people creates torturers.  People who are okay with torturing other human beings are likely to consider people to be disposible, their rights irrelevant, and their pain irrelevant or even amusing.  Those are not the kind of people most folks want in their country, especially not in any position of power.  But once a person quits caring about other people and their pain, it becomes a lot easier to gain power by harming others.  This causes many problems.  History is full of ugly examples of people and nations who torture, and the problems that result.  Learn the lesson, because people are paying with their health, sanity, and lives every time it is repeated.

What Torture Is and Why It's Illegal and Not "Poor Judgment"
Andy Worthington, Truthout: "It's now over two weeks since veteran Justice Department (DOJ) lawyer David Margolis dashed the hopes of those seeking accountability for the Bush administration's torturers, but this is a story of such profound importance that it must not be allowed to slip away."
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