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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll for March 2010
Below is the generally sponsored poetry poll for this month.  You have $10 to spend.  You may choose TWO of the 3 remaining $5 poems: "The Elements of Civilization," "The Elements of Life," or "The Star of the East."  Alternatively, you may choose ONE of the 3 remaining $10 poems: "Digging for Roots," "Ella meant..." or "Mountains in the Sky, Fires in the Sea."  This poll will stay open at least to Friday evening; if there is no clear winner by then, I may leave it open longer and encourage more people to vote.

EDIT 3/5/10, 10 PM: 0_o They ALL have 2 votes. More opinions, please!

Poll #1533934 Generally Sponsored Poetry for March 2010
This poll is closed.

Which of the following do you most want to see published?

"The Elements of Civilization" AND "The Elements of Life"
"The Elements of Civilization" AND "Star of the East"
"The Elements of Life" AND "Star of the East"
"Digging for Roots"
"Ella meant..."
"Mountains in the Sky, Fires in the Sea"

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